Closet Solutions

Custom shelving & drawer system, perfect for any room in your home. A variety of components, finishes and styles makes it easy to create a truly custom solution. Unlike other solutions, you can easily add, remove and reposition Drawers, Shelves and other pieces as your needs change. Made from exceptionally strong epoxy-bonded steel, ELFA can easily handle everything.

Closet Components

Top Track 1050 mm

ELFA Top Track 1050 mm

SKU: 421180

Top Track 1350 mm

ELFA Top Track 1350 mm

SKU: 421380

Top Track 1950 mm

ELFA Top Track 1950 mm

SKU: 421980

Top Track Cover 24"/60cm

ELFA Top Track Cover 24"/60cm

SKU: 422588

Top Track Cover 18"/425mm

ELFA Top Track Cover 18"/425mm

SKU: 422488

Hang Standard 2140mm/7ft

ELFA Hang Standard 2140mm/7ft

SKU: 426748

Screw and Plug, set of 10

ELFA Screw and Plug, set of 10

SKU: 470696

Wire Shelf Bracket 42 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf Bracket 42 cm

SKU: 410480

Bracket Cover left,420mm

ELFA Bracket Cover left,420mm

SKU: 601688

Bracket Cover right,420mm

ELFA Bracket Cover right,420mm

SKU: 601788

Wire Shelf 121x30 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf 121x30 cm

SKU: 451280

Wire Shelf 121x40 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf 121x40 cm

SKU: 451680

Wire Shelf 60x40 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf 60x40 cm

SKU: 450380

Wire Shelf 60x30 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf 60x30 cm

SKU: 450280

Wire Shelf 90x40 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf 90x40 cm

SKU: 450580

Wire Shelf 90x30 cm

ELFA Wire Shelf 90x30 cm

SKU: 450480

Fascia 2'/607mm NewVersin

ELFA Fascia 2'/607mm NewVersin

SKU: 604938

Fascia 1_'/451mm

ELFA Fascia 1_'/451mm

SKU: 605938